Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stellar Star Registry?

Stellar Registry is an independent database of stars viewable from anywhere with an internet connection.

What do the coordinates mean, such as right ascension or declination?

These form part of the celestial coordinates system for which you can find many details here.

What does the magnitude mean?

The magnitude is an inverted measure of brightness: the lower the number, the brighter the star is.

Why is it returning an error when I try to look up a star?

Please ensure you are entering only numbers, usually 7 - 8 digits, without any leading symbols such as the hash (#).

Can the name of a star change?

A star can only be renamed there is an error discovered within 72 hours of naming it. After this, a star will never have its name changed.

How long are stars registered for?

Stars are named forever, for life.

How can I name a star?

Great, if you’d like to visit our Buy a Star website, through here you can have a look and choose from our various star packages.